“Imagine if you could… hear your music”

Once upon a time, there was a plugin called “Listen” by Massey. In the future, which is where we are now, there was this:

Download APC Listen

Download APC Listen

[VST 32- & 64-bit]


What does it do?

Very little. Open the plugin in your DAW and it will (should) turn your screen mostly black, except for six white letters in profound constellation at the centre.


Because unless you’re a synaesthete, you can’t see music. Consider this a needlessly hi-tech alternative to physically turning your screen off.


Download and unzip the file above, then move the .dll (VST2) or the VST3 file into the folder where the rest of your plugins are.

Some things what you should know:
  1. The first time you open APC Listen in a project, you might need to move the window into the optimum screen-filling position
  2. To close it, click the close button in the top-right corner, or press Alt+F4
  3. If you have multiple monitors, the plugin will only fill your main screen (uggghhh)
  4. In Reaper, it looks better as a floating FX window. I apologise
  5. In Sonar, it’s a bit cretinous. Open the plugin, then maximize the window, then click on the Sonar tab in the taskbar (see below)

Sonar instructions

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